1936 Plymouth

I found this Plymouth in Lynchburg VA. It is a heat delete car that is from VA. I am the second owner (who counts). The car is mostly stock except that it was upgraded to a 1954 Dodge truck 230 CI engine. It has 6v alternator (not generator). The gas tank is a hot rod tank. The rear end appears to be early 50's (at least the axle/hub/drum appears to be). I am still trying to identify the rear end. I have done a lot of work on it but the body was quite presentable when I got it. It took me all winter to get it running and drivable.

Notable features are:

230 CI flathead 6
tilt out winshield (and hood cowl vent)
driveshaft brake drum (typical mopar thing)
Artillery wheels
optional chrome horns
juice brakes
front straight axle with leaf springs
no wood

Pictures (Chronological gory maintenance pics and driving pics mixed up)


D15-P24 Forum - great forum. For slightly later cars but anyone with mopar flathead 6 is welcome. Very helpful group.
ply33  - fantastic site with tons of links to Plymouth resources for 1929-1937 (and vendors etc)
1935 Plymouth - But has general resources for similar cars.

Parts Vendors:

Mitchel Motor Parts
Roberts Motor Parts
Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts



















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